Thinking About a Warm Vacation Spot

I was just sitting around the office the other day not really having a lot of things on my plate. That happens once in a while as I have a job where we might work really hard for weeks and weeks or we might have sit around all day doing nothing. You have to be there to get on something if it comes up though. I stumbled on this Mallorca travel blog though and I got to thinking about how long it has been since I had a really nice vacation. I think last year I went up to the visit my brother and the sister in law up in Sheffield. It was not precisely an exhilarating trip. I got to see the nephews and I had an okay time, but it is not the best time I ever had in all of my life. It is not even remotely close to that.

I think the best trip I ever had was right before I went off to college. This guy I know talked me into going backpacking with him. We took a ferry across the Channel and then we took the train South. At one point we got lost and kept hearing something we thought might be wolves. The guy started talking about the movie the Werewolf, of course he was a big fan of old horror movies and loved to see if he could spook me by talking about stuff like that. Of course we were in the mountains and that guy did not seem to know that they really did have a few wolves in the Pyrenees. At least that was something I had heard. They probably hunted them all down at some point, because they keep sheep down there and obviously shepherds do not like wolves.

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