Started to Build My New PC

I have just gotten started to build my new PC. My brother got me a really good deal on one of the newer Intel CPU’s and for the moment I am going to keep the video card from my old PC. I built it about four years ago, probably closer to five years and it was a really good PC at that point in time. I figure that I shall keep it and get a couple of big hard drives and use it as a Windows server for my house. I mean a file server really or more specifically a dedicated media server. I have a couple of media players and I have a whole lot of DVD’s and CD’s. So I have been thinking that it would be a lot more convenient to have all of them stored on hard drives so that I could get to them from any place in the house over my network. I am already doing the same thing, but it is not very well implemented and I know that it can be done a whole lot better. I think it would work better if I put the PC in the same room as the main TV and entertainment system. I am thinking about trying to figure out how to play PC games on that TV. I recently got a very large 4K resolution tv, which is great except that there is not a lot to watch in that resolution. My current computer can not really process the amount of data it takes to create that many pixels. I do not think it is going to be possible for me to build a new PC that can do it either, which is why I am holding off on a new video card until I figure out what it will take.

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