Ordering USB Flash Drives for My Company

I wanted to order some custom USB flash drives for my company, but I was not sure where to get them from. I had looked at a local store where I normally get all my printing done, figuring they would be able to do this as well. It is a service that they do not offer though. I went online, hoping to be able to find a company that would be able to create what I had in mind. I just wanted a basic USB drive that I could order in various colors as well as have my business logo on it.

I found a company that allows customers to custom design USB drives however they want, but that was not even the best part. I had said that I wanted a basic USB drive, but this company had so many different kinds. They had the standard small rectangular ones that most stores sell, but they also had some really cute shapes that I liked. They have ones designed like cars, people, cameras, and so much more. Read more »

Getting Ready for the Holidays

I have started to work on my holiday planning, both at the office and at home. For the company we have been thinking about how to get a Christmas card together. It is not that complicated really, but you have to figure out how to do it well. We already hired a good photographer to make the Christmas picture. We did it on a warm sunny day in September, which made it uncomfortable for me in the Santa suit. I have been looking for a company that does online postcard printing now. The big thing is quality in our opinion. We want to make the best impression that we can, which is why we are going to go to a professional print shop and not try to do something cheap that is not going to be very impressive. Read more »

It Would Have Been Smarter to Go Virtual from the Beginning

My boss gave me his old server. I had wanted one for the longest time, but simply could not justify the cost on my very limited budget. He said for someone like me; however, that I really should have just found out which places offer the best VPS instead, rather than handling it in my own house. He said that it is not as easy as I was making it out by having one in my own home.

I guess that I was being headstrong, because I did not want to believe what my boss was saying. It seemed like it would be a pretty simple thing to me. But the first thing that I ran into is that, after placing the server in my home office, the amount of heat the machine generated was very high. I have an old window air conditioning unit, so I brought that into my office to cool the room down. Read more »

Cheats for Subway Surfers Android App

My son has been really addicted to this game called Subway surfers recently and I must admit that I do not know why he likes it so much. But I can’t get him to stop playing it and recently he has been pretty annoyed by the game over some level or something. I am not sure what his problem is, but he has been complaining about it a lot, and i do not really want to hear about it. So I wanted to check to see if i could find a Subway Surfers hack for Android to try to bypass whatever in the game is causing him all of the trouble and make it so that he goes back to playing his game in peace and not whining about it constantly.

I would just take his phone away from him for a week to get him to stop playing the game, but I know that would just cause him to complain constantly, and even more than he already does. That does not seem like a good solution to the problem, and so instead I have decided to try to go this route.

I do not know if there are actually cheats or hacks for the game, or if there are, if they will apply to the specific problem that my son is having with the game currently. I am going to knock on wood though and hope that there is something that will help him get back the problem with this game. Maybe it is something that would be bypassed with a micro-transaction to buy some sort of in-game currency that is used in difficult spots. I think that is quite the possibility, but I do not want to spend any money on this app if I do not have to.

The Best Laptop Charger on the Market

When I was hired on at a job that meant I would be traveling a lot, I decided to look online for a new laptop cable. I am the type of person who is always prepared as much as possible, and that meant having an extra cable in case it was needed. I did not want to be stuck in a hotel room in the middle of the night needing a new cable. I went online and looked at my options, and I was really surprised by one that I saw because of everything that it does.

Not only is it able to charge my laptop but it is also good for charging my mobile phone and tablet as well. I did not know there was even something like this, which is why I bought it immediately. Read more »