Our Daughter Turned Her Enjoyment of Clothes and Makeup into a Career

Our daughter wanted to paint her nails when she was five. I remember trying to find non-toxic fingernail paint and helping her paint those tiny little fingernails. She has enjoyed necklaces, bracelets and rings since she was six. She wanted her ears pierced when she was seven. We got her the magnetized earrings to wear instead of getting her ears pierced. She has always been interested in fashion and makeup, but in a subtle and quite beautiful way. She even has me buying things now at the waterliliesandcompany.com website where she gets her makeup now as an adult.

When she was a teenager, there was no all black Goth period or a fluorescent color period for her. She was the most elegantly dressed girl in the school. Girls and guys came to her for advice on how to dress normal and look great. Her approach to fashion and makeup was one of making the best use of what you naturally have rather than trying to call attention to or distract using oddness and crazy colors. This has made her popular now in professional circles. She got some work at a local production company that was hired to assist in a major movie. She got noticed and was hired directly by the big production company to assist in makeup and wardrobe of the lead actor.

She is not star struck and is very secure in who she is as a person. People pick up very quickly that she is a leader and not a follower. It is serving her well in developing a career in something that she enjoys. She studied fashion in school but worked a dual major. She also studied business to be able to own and run her own company. She plans on promoting clothing and makeup of her own design someday. Right now she is working full time for a production company.

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