It Would Have Been Smarter to Go Virtual from the Beginning

My boss gave me his old server. I had wanted one for the longest time, but simply could not justify the cost on my very limited budget. He said for someone like me; however, that I really should have just found out which places offer the best VPS instead, rather than handling it in my own house. He said that it is not as easy as I was making it out by having one in my own home.

I guess that I was being headstrong, because I did not want to believe what my boss was saying. It seemed like it would be a pretty simple thing to me. But the first thing that I ran into is that, after placing the server in my home office, the amount of heat the machine generated was very high. I have an old window air conditioning unit, so I brought that into my office to cool the room down. But when the temps outside reached 105 degrees, making my home much harder to cool down, I found that I had to run the window unit about 15 hours per day. This really put a strain on me financially because the electric bill for my place is already very high.

Separately, when the outside temperatures were high, I found that the small window unit was not doing such a good job of cooling down the server. This was frustrating. Several times, the it overheated and shut off. This meant that when I tried to remote into it when I was on the road, I could not because it was off due to overheating.

I knew then that getting a virtual private server would be a smarter idea. I had concerns about what the price would be, but it turns out that I worried for nothing because the cost is less than $10 per month. I have had no issues at all with the company I’m hosting with now.

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