I’m Upgrading to a Better Brand of Food

We always had pets in our house when I was growing up. Which dog food we bought didn’t seem to be a big deal back then, but now we know that it is a big deal. I started asking others what foods they feed their dogs, and that is when I went looking for a Delish Dog Food review to learn more about it. It’s the one food that I kept hearing about the most. My dog is a senior, and my vet told me that I needed to start feeding her better. So, I knew that, due to my furry girl’s age, I needed to hurry up and make a change to her diet so that what few years she has left on earth can be good ones.

My parents used to buy generic food for the pets we had when I was a kid. Our pets seemed to be well fed, but they were not. Just like the foods that humans eat, it’s not always easy to realize that what we eat or give to our pets has a great amount of impact on our health. For example, I love to eat boxed and canned foods that are full or preservatives. If I could away with it, that is all I would eat because those types of foods make me happy. My doctor told me that I need to eat more natural foods instead. The same thing holds true for pets and what they eat, too.

I had originally put my pet on a well-known brand of food that sells in most stores across the country. My vet pointed out that food is full of preservatives. He rattled off a few other brand names he felt were better, but I wanted to talk to a wide array of people so that is when I began asking all my friends what they buy. When I heard about Delish so often, I knew it meant that it was worth looking into. I have five friends who switched to it for their senior pets, and each person said they see a positive difference in their pet’s energy level now.

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