He Passed with the Highest Score in the Class

My son has been interested in computers since he was just a toddler. I imagine that every child in today’s times is the same way, but my son seemed to take to them very strongly. He was interested not only in what a computer could do for him, but as he grew older, he wanted to know why a computer works the way it does. He has a mind for science and engineering, which is why I was surprised he was struggling in a class at school. We ended up signing him up for physics tuition for Singapore students because of it.

It is not that he was veering away from his interest in physics. It was actually quite the opposite. His interest in it continued to grow, but he was not in sync with the physics professor who was teaching the class at the time. I wanted to monitor the class myself, but I knew that would just embarrass my son so I did the next best thing. I looked online, researching the different professors and tutors in the area who teach physics privately. I was not going to let my son get a poor grade because he was not connecting with the teaching style of his teacher.

I was able to find a great tutor that has evening classes on Saturday, which worked perfectly for my son’s schedule. I know that he would have rearranged other things if it came down to it, but I was glad that he did not have to do that. He knew by the end of the first tutoring session that this was going to make a huge difference, and it did. He was able to learn more effectively, and he was also able to transfer some tips so he could learn even better from his own teacher. He ended up passing with the highest score in the class, so I guess this worked!

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