Get the Installation Done by Professionals

Hiring wallpaper hangers in Sydney has to be the best thing I’ve done during this remodel. The wife and I decided to give our home a total makeover and it’s been nothing but a nightmare since we’ve started. I should have known it would be a disaster because I’m not the handiest person around. Pulling up carpeting is a chore and I’m absolutely flummoxed when it comes to rewiring a light fixture. Still, we thought we could power through and turn our abode into something better than it looked previously. The worst problem was the wallpaper.

I didn’t even want to bother with putting up wallpaper. It’s a mess and I wanted to just slap some paint on the walls and call it good. The wife and other ideas. She wanted the wallpaper put up in the bathrooms because she thought it would lighten the rooms. Fair enough, but when we started the project ourselves it quickly became a travesty. We had the measure all the walls and cut the paper to fit. Neither of us knew anything about how to go about doing this. The result was a lot of wasted paper and walls that looked awful due to the adhesive we put on there for the paper.

We finally went back to the place where we bought the paper and hired them to come out and take a look at the situation. They’ve got something like twenty years experience hanging wallpaper and I knew they would do a bang up job. They did, too. They came out, measured out the bathrooms, and then came back with the paper we wanted and set to work. They had the job done in no time flat and I must say it does look quite lovely. I’ll be happy if I never have to attempt this again!

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