Cheats for Subway Surfers Android App

My son has been really addicted to this game called Subway surfers recently and I must admit that I do not know why he likes it so much. But I can’t get him to stop playing it and recently he has been pretty annoyed by the game over some level or something. I am not sure what his problem is, but he has been complaining about it a lot, and i do not really want to hear about it. So I wanted to check to see if i could find a Subway Surfers hack for Android to try to bypass whatever in the game is causing him all of the trouble and make it so that he goes back to playing his game in peace and not whining about it constantly.

I would just take his phone away from him for a week to get him to stop playing the game, but I know that would just cause him to complain constantly, and even more than he already does. That does not seem like a good solution to the problem, and so instead I have decided to try to go this route.

I do not know if there are actually cheats or hacks for the game, or if there are, if they will apply to the specific problem that my son is having with the game currently. I am going to knock on wood though and hope that there is something that will help him get back the problem with this game. Maybe it is something that would be bypassed with a micro-transaction to buy some sort of in-game currency that is used in difficult spots. I think that is quite the possibility, but I do not want to spend any money on this app if I do not have to.

The Best Laptop Charger on the Market

When I was hired on at a job that meant I would be traveling a lot, I decided to look online for a new laptop cable. I am the type of person who is always prepared as much as possible, and that meant having an extra cable in case it was needed. I did not want to be stuck in a hotel room in the middle of the night needing a new cable. I went online and looked at my options, and I was really surprised by one that I saw because of everything that it does.

Not only is it able to charge my laptop but it is also good for charging my mobile phone and tablet as well. I did not know there was even something like this, which is why I bought it immediately. Continue reading The Best Laptop Charger on the Market

Celebrating Five Years on Earth

My daughter decided for her 5th birthday party, she wanted to have a party with her friends from school. Before, she only had birthday parties with the family, but I guess she was just getting to that age where she wanted to share the festivities with others. In order to send invitations to the party, she wanted to make these special cards, and seal with with stickers. I searched around and found a store that makes stickers in Brisbane custom to order. My daughter wanted to have pony themed stickers based on a popular television show that she watches all the time.

The store made enough stickers for the cards and my daughter got to work making the cards. She used construction paper, glue, glitter, and markers to make the cutest cards that a 5 year old could make. She put a lot of time and care in to making those cards, and by the time she was done, she was covered in glue and glitter. Continue reading Celebrating Five Years on Earth

Started to Build My New PC

I have just gotten started to build my new PC. My brother got me a really good deal on one of the newer Intel CPU’s and for the moment I am going to keep the video card from my old PC. I built it about four years ago, probably closer to five years and it was a really good PC at that point in time. I figure that I shall keep it and get a couple of big hard drives and use it as a Windows server for my house. I mean a file server really or more specifically a dedicated media server. I have a couple of media players and I have a whole lot of DVD’s and CD’s. Continue reading Started to Build My New PC