A New House for Our Family

When my husband and I were first married, we decided that we were going to focus on our careers for the first 10 years of our marriage, then we would focus on getting a house and filling it with a few children. It worked out that way for the first three years. We were living in a nice condo close to where each of us works, but then I got pregnant. We were both thrilled, and we knew that we were going to look at the St Lawrence market real estate because we wanted our children to be raised in a nice home rather than a crowded condo.

My husband has a great job, so we knew that he would be able to pay the bills while I stayed home and raised our children. Our plans flew out the window, but the new ones were even better! I contacted a real estate agent to help us find the perfect house, and the agent who helped us was such a blessing to us. I had told her exactly what we wanted, and I thought it would take her a while to find even a few houses for us to look at.

We wanted a large yard in a very safe area. We knew the school districts that we would be happy with our children attending. Though we were only expecting one child at the time, we knew that we were going to have at least three and possibly four. That meant at least a five-bedroom house, and I wanted at least three bathrooms. Like I said, I thought it would take a while to give us a few houses to look at, but she delivered really fast. We looked at three houses and knew we did not need to see any others because the final one we saw was the perfect one for our growing family!

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